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Popcorn Possession

date. 2021

medium. Unity, Procreate

Title Card

Mood Board

Popcorn Possession is a concept exercise inspired by black and white horror movies, ornate theaters, 20s fashion, and stylistic horror games like "Bendy and the Ink Machine".

Animations are inspired by old 8bit video games and zoetropes. Simple animations with little transition frames add to the vintage feeling of the game. 

General Concept

You're going on a date with your boyfriend to the movies.


You get settled in, and as the previews start something goes wrong, causing the characters on screen to become possessed.

The characters kidnap your boyfriend, forcing you to explore the haunted theater to find what's causing the haunting and save him.

Messy Sketches


Main Character, facial expressions, inside of theater, possessed popcorn character


Title screen character, Mind mapping, Brainstorming

Title screen composition close up (top right)

Title screen character close up (bottom right)

2d Assets

Miss. Is (Main Character)

Idle Sprite

Walking Sprite

Jumping Sprite

Outside of theater where you meet up with your boyfriend (Mista) and get your tickets. (He's paying of course)

Lobby and Concession Stand.


Here you can buy snacks, malts, cherry phosphates and more from the always friendly, Connie. Once the theater becomes haunted, even the snacks get imbued with a demonic power. Leaving you feeling a strange sense of temporary power after eating them. 

(All blank panels would be filled with movie posters)

Part of hallway to Theaters

Theater Room before and after haunting starts

Popcorn character before and after possession

Fight animation where demon throws popcorn at you from movie screen

Popcorn sprites the player has to avoid during first boss fight. Used as a way to teach the player game mechanics

Dialog Box Sprite

Game would have music and sound effects, but characters would not be voice acted. Dialog or game narrations would be framed in boxes inspired by silent films instead. 

Throughout the game you'd fight different possessed movie mascot characters, save possessed movie goers and employees, unlock different vintage items and snacks, and uncover the unsettling history behind the ornate movie theater. 

Thank you for reading this far, I hope you enjoyed this creative exercise  :)

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