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Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Game Design

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Yemoja AR

The goddess Yemoja has manifest her self in this reality. You can access her personally whenever you like, but in order to see her visually, you must be at this special location...



Yemoja's Window

A portal to Yemoja's Realm is before you. You can only unlock it using Augmented Reality. What will you do once you stand before her?


Awaken AR Filter

A heavenly face filter with inspiring messages creating a halo around the user's head.

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PP_Title Card Start.jpg


Popcorn Possession

A game design project using Unity, inspired by 1920's style cartoons and film. All in a cute but creepy pixel art style.



Rainbow Blush AR filter

A cute filter with Rainbow colored blush and white freckles.


Surreal Picnic VR

Enjoy a picnic in a other worldly forest, who knows what you'll see?...

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Swirling Rose AR filter

A face filter inspired by Alexander McQueen's Swirling Rose dress.


Surreal Boys AR

Augmented Reality effects on top of a painting from my 'Black Boys are Surreal" series.

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