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"Awaken" AR Filter

date. 2020

medium. SparkAR, Photoshop, Procreate

"Awaken" was created in May of 2020, at the beginning of what would be an almost infinite pandemic. Tensions were high, so much was unknown, coping was hard at first. So I wanted to encourage the people around me to realize how much power they really had. To encourage them to "speak up", "do research", "end racism", "love all", "see the strings", "arrest trump", "defend the weak", and "fund education".. These quotes make up the golden halo rotating round the user's head, along with the words "stay woke" on their cheeks, as well as a beaming golden third eye, helping them to tap into their potential and peace.

If you wanna feel like a goddess, try out this filter found on my instagram! 

Flat assets

Flat assets include: text halo, stay woke text, third eye logo, golden tears, golden freckles, as well as additional skin retouching and golden skin highlights.


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