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Yemoja's Window

date. 2022

medium. Maya, Zbrush, Unity, Zappar

Using augmented reality, I created a portal to Yemoja's Realm. Here she is visualized as a bronze statue with arms outreached. A glowing halo floats behind her, as wisps float around her like stars. All with the calming ever-present ocean flowing below her feet. To open the window, all you need is a device with internet and a camera. 


Demo is linked down below, but its best experienced in person.  

3d assets

3d assets include: Goddess model sculpted in Zbrush, cowrie shells sculpted in Zbrush and headress constructed in Maya.



Avery Sky

Yemoja’s Window, 2022

Unity, Zbrush, Maya, Zappar

Please scan the QR Code to open the Window,

Then point your camera at the Image

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