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Yemoja AR

date. 2023

medium. Maya, Zbrush, Unity, Zappar

Screenshot 2023-05-23 192624 -- High Res.png
Yemoja Location Screenshot.png

As an omnipotent Yoruba goddess, Yemoja can be with you where ever you are. Before, you could only take a glimpse of her divine form if you possessed the gift of Sight. Now, with the help of GPS based Augmented Reality, she can physically manifest in this realm. But only if you meet her halfway and have the right Intention


Documentation is linked down below, but its best experienced in person.  

3d assets

3d assets include: Goddess model sculpted in Zbrush, cowrie shells sculpted in Zbrush and headress constructed in Maya. Fruit, candles and serving-ware sourced from the Unity asset store.


Full walkthrough demo

Walkthrough demo with person for scale

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